Dan has written my own addendum to "The Manual," by The KLF, which is an updated offering that I call "The PDF." In his book, published by "Random Shit House," Dan focuses on how to become a STAR in the music business within 6-8 weeks.

Dan's blog has more info on what "The Manual" is all about , and why he wrote "The PDF."

With his book, Dan guarantees that YOU will become a STAR within 6-8 weeks, or your money back! Money back? How much does this book cost? That's the beauty. The book is totally FREE [for a limited time], and, of course, in PDF form.

Not only does the book give you solid steps on how to achieve this, but it also includes real-world examples that serve to support the ideas presented in this book.

The PDF will show you how to "become a star in the music industry" in 6-8 weeks. Why not give it a shot?

Click HERE to download this free PDF from Dan's Google Drive today.

[should the link not work, just email Dan at drumwild AT me DOT com and ask for a copy.

ABOUT RANDOM SHIT HOUSE: It's my own publishing company. The name is a play on Random House, and was inspired by my grandmother, who used to proudly talk about how attractive she was in her youth. As she would declare, "I was built like a brick shit house." You go, girl.


"The PDF" copyright 2018 Dan Snellenbarger