TJS Custom Maple


Dan plays a TJS Custom Maple, which is a smaller sized cocktail kit.

20"x12" bass drum
13"x5.5" snare
10"x5" soprano snare
10"x6" floating tom
13"x7" floor tom

This kit has been used in various live venues, from Paladino's to The Wilshire Ebell Theater.

These drums were also used on the album, "Notes From the Sky" by Karma McCartney.

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Gretsch Catalina Birch Sunburst

When space allows, he also plays a standard sized Gretsch Catalina Birch Sunburst kit.

22"x18" bass drum
14"x5" snare
10"x8" & 12"x9" floating toms
14"x14" floor tom

Dan has a wide variety of cymbals and pro-quality hardware.

Dan also has pro-quality guitars, basses, amplifiers, and other equipment, to fulfill any role he may play.