Music/Lyrics by DrumWild
Art by Junior Martin
Album: The Year of My Birth [2017]

If you want to hear something commercial, important, and safe

Then my advice to you is simple
Go use the restroom
Gather some snacks
Sit down
Turn on your television

The next step is very important
Most people miss it
In favor of going to the restroom and gathering snacks

But not you
You are smart
You will not miss that special something
Something that is commercial, important, and safe

Tolerate that show
You know, the one that tells you
When you are supposed to laugh
This prepares you to receive the message
Dropping your guard

Their preparation is void of swearing
It is void of reality, even when it says it is reality
All representations of reality are gone
As your reality is a burden you must escape

Take it until the screen dims
Sometimes an announcer will tell you
"Stick around for these important messages."
That's your cue!

Then appears a message
Of family, friends, and fun
Rich colors, friendly language
Reliable music in 4/4 time

Keep to the rhythm
Implement your music theory
Intro, verse, chorus
Keep it around three minutes for cool listening
Or thirty seconds for the hard sell

Commercial, important, and safe

Eat at this restaurant, and your friends will laugh at your jokes
Wear these shoes, and your peers will respect you
Remember to ask your doctor if these pills are right for you
And don't forget to stick around for the next "program"

For they will have more messages for you
Messages that are commercial, important, and safe