Music/Lyrics by DrumWild
Art by Junior Martin
Album: The Year of My Birth [2017]

You hit me up
In your time of need
I filled your cup
So casually
Cracked a Coors and ditched the wine
All for you, Finger Nine

Later that week
We did the show
Packin 'em deep
At the Whisky-A-Go-Go
Just sign me up, don't pay the fine
My brother in arms, Finger Nine

The weakest one
Was the first to go
You couldn't handle
The Bastard code
We tried to help, but you just stopped tryin'
You sh*t on us, Finger Nine

You couldn't hold your drink
Threw hissy fits
You talked a big game
And then you quit
The game is over, you're out of time
Go f**k yourself, Finger Nine