Music/Lyrics by DrumWild
Art by Junior Martin
Album: The Year of My Birth [2017]

A young man in Sun Valley, put
Out a friendly hand, he said my
Handshake is my honor, and we will
Build something grand. We
Worked and sweat for years and years, until we
Realized those dreams, and
Then one day
The locks were changed. It
Wasn't what it seemed

A woman out of Clarksville reached
Out to me one day. She said my
Body's full of cancer and it
Just won't go away. So I
Gave her every cent I had, as my
Reputation died, and
To this day I'll
Never know the
Reason why she lied.

I took them at face vaule, and I
Failed to see the signs. I
Made up great excuses to
Cover their behinds. I
Trusted that a friend of mine would
Never do me wrong
But then I learned
The hard way that they were
Never my friends... all along...

People think that they know what was
Happening to me. But
They forget that I was there, and I
Couldn't even see
For years and years I
Blamed myself, that
It was all my fault
For leaving my wounds
Peppered In Salt