Music/Lyrics by DrumWild
Album: The Year of My Birth [2017]

This one goes out to ALL SIX of my fans at the Universal Bar & Grill. This song is about me... both as an artist... and as a human being... it's about my strong need to be taken seriously...

I got my start in the seventies
Bein' on TV
Then I was smaller
And I never got taller
As you all can see

I play the drums, the guitar, and the bass
I got a squishable face
Got a cartoon voice
Making lots of noise
All over the place

My world is all about me
And that's why a demand
You take me seriously

At home I got ten inches of dust
And a van full of rust
Got a swimmin' pool
So green it's cool
In mossy slime we trust

I knew a this guy for twelve years
We drank a lot of beers
Once I was his friend
But, hey, what's your number again?
Let me make it all perfectly clear

Don't believe the dirty rumors are true
Unless, of course, they're all about YOU
And take me seriously

It's good to see all six of you here at the Universal Bar & Grill
To stand on this little stage tonight is such a thrill
I'm gonna be a clown
As we party down
To hide that my sadness is real

This is how I gotta be
Five-foot-six and fancy free
Then after the show
Back to the darkness I got
With the hope... that finally... you take me seriously

Take me seriously
Take me seriously
Fuck you, it's all about me
So take me seriously