Since 2002, Dan has been working with Noodle Muffin in a variety of capacities. [Videos from June 15, 2002]

Starting out primarily as the band's live drummer, Dan has also played other instruments with the band. Dan would play drums on all albums after "Magnum Dopus," and would also play fretless bass, guitar, banjo, trombone, piano, synth, perform backing vocals, foley art, digital drum programming, percussion, and any other noises that are needed. Dan also has songwriting credits with the band.

Albums/Recordings: Regime Change, Long Live The Spin! More Regime Change, Time to Retox, Karmic Bitchslap, Morning in America [single], Meatbowl and His Donut Throne [2018].

Noodle Muffin stopped performing live in 2009 [video from final show, January 21, 2009]. For the past five years, the band has been working on their next album, which is also a musical play titled, "Meatbowl and His Donut Throne," which should see an early 2018 release.

In late 2016, the band released their latest politically-charged single/video, "Morning in America."

Noodle Muffin