Here are links to some old stuff, for a real blast to the past. The lower you go, the older it goes.

Noodle Muffin

NOODLE MUFFIN [2002-Present]

DrumWild joined Noodle Muffin in 2002, as their drummer for "Magnum Dopus." Since then, he's tracked guitar, fretless bass, piano, synth, trombone, banjo, lead and backing vocals, and anything else that makes a sound.

The Year of My Birth [2017]

The Year of My Birth [2017] - Solo Project
This is a collection of nine songs that I've written in 2017, which serve as cathartic overtures. The goal of this project is not to appeal to a commercial market, nor is it to harm anyone. There was also no mastering, and in fact the mixes might be rough, as are the performances. Those things do not matter.

This project is about my healing, and my own celebration of my re-birth.

Although I'm sharing these songs with anyone who wants to listen, I wrote and recorded these songs for myself. If someone else likes them, that's fine. I don't need the dopamine rush that social networking addicts get whenever they get a "like." And if someone does not like it, then I really don't care.

The album can be listened to on either SoundCloud or YouTube. Every song that has lyrics will have a link to the lyrics in the song or video description.

If you think that one of these songs is about you, then you might be right. If you're upset, then know that does not matter to me. The old me is gone, so now you get the new me.

The Wrong Dots

The Wrong Dots [2013]

Played drums / backup vocals for this short-lived project.



Karma McCartney


Drumming in this ukelele-fronted band, DrumWild laid down the drum tracks for their album, "Notes From the Sky."

Casanova Jones


Played drums for this driven hip-hop rock/funk combo.

VIDEO: Mirror


WHIPLADS [2001-06]

This band came out of the ashes of SECRET. The band started out as a four-piece, later settling down to a three-piece. Drums and backup vocals.




DrumWild performed with this funk/rock quartet, with Andrea Ballard on vocals.

Andrea would later form an 18+piece band called "Burn."

Andrea at The Whisky 2005


SECRET [2000-01]

Drummer for 3-piece punk rock band.

VIDEO: SECRET live at The Gig West LA, July 21, 2000


Wrote music and lyrics. Featuring Karin Mansson [of Sun On Skin] on vocals.

SoundCloud Audio: Heaven's Garden

Sun On Skin

SUN ON SKIN [1997-98]

Drummed / backup vocals for this 5-piece pop/rock band.

YouTube Audio: Under the Milky Way [Cover]

In The Chips 2010

IN THE CHIPS [1987-1997]

DrumWild wrote the music and co-wrote this musical with playwrite Angus "Mac" MacDonald in 1987, and remained involved with various iterations and productions through 1997.

This musical has been re-worked as late as 2016. Here are some video clips. I was not involved in productions after 1997.

Ruby Cassidy


DrumWild wrote the music [no lyrics]for Ruby's album, "The Mystic Dancer" [SoundCloud] which was recorded by Jimmy Hunter at CAZADOR in Hollywood. BONUS VIDEO: Clip of DrumWild and Ruby, working through the first demo for "The World Will Need You," comparing the demo to the final.

Music Connection

Robin Baxter Band


DrumWild playing synth! This photo was taken in 1987 at Club 88 in Santa Monica. This band went through a few changes, with DrumWild eventually ending up on drums.

LA Drums 1987

The Beertonez 1984


Before he was given the moniker in 1998, DrumWild played bass and sang backups [and some lead] with his college band, The Beertonez. He also played drums on the studio recordings.

The band's live recordings [SoundCloud] are his favorite.

Quads 1981


This is where work ethic and performance get built up.

VIDEO: Every Indiana State Fair performance.