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TJS Custom Maple

TJS - Live at The Dragonfly with Casanova Jones

The TJS Custom Maple is a special kit that I got back in 2007 from famed drum craftsman Tom J. Schultz, owner of TJS CUSTOM DRUMS, via Chad Sexton's Drum City.

It's a small kit, almost comical in size, that has proven itself in live performance in various clubs in Los Angeles, including Paladino's, Dragonfly, The Knitting Factory, Universal Bar & Grill, The Park Bar & Grill, Redwood Bar, The Good Hurt, and the esteemed Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

I played this small kit on a recording for Karma McCartney, titled NOTES FROM THE SKY. This album captures the songs of a quirky, ukulele-fronted band. I utilized 7A sticks, as well as mallets and brushes to create the sounds needed for this most unconventional and curious album.

However, the kit has been used for heavier rock sounds as well, producing warm, rich tones that tend to sit nicely in the bed of the song.

The TJS Custom Maple has been my go-to kit for many situations over the past ten years, and it a valued piece of my drumming arsenal.

TJS - Recording with Karma McCartney
TJS Custom Maple 170319

The drums [see sizes noted below] are complemented with an Iron Cobra SpeedCobra double bass drum pedal, cowbell, hat-trick, and smartphone hi-hat mount.

Cymbals on this configuration are:

- 14" Paiste Light Dark Mark I Hi-Hats [Premium, Discontinued]

- 19" Sabian Crash, custom-lathed by Mac Sexton

- 21" Sabian Ride, custom-lathed by Mac Sexton

- 18" K Custom Hybrid Crash Ride

TJS Custom Maple Drums [Specs]

20"x12" bass drum
13"x5.5" snare
10"x5" soprano snare
10"x6" floating tom
13"x7" floor tom

[Not all drums shown in all photos]

TJS Custom Maple - Grid TJS Custom Maple - Full Kit TJS Custom Maple - Side View Standard TJS Custom Maple - Top View Standard TJS Custom Maple - Front View Full

TJS Minimal Setup - February 2017

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